Why Choose Todd To Speak At Your Event?

Going from where you are in life to where you want to be can be a difficult and arduous journey. In fact, most people quit pursuing their dreams along the way because they start believing it is too difficult to continue. Others never even get started because of their fear of failure. Either way, they lose hope of ever having the life they desire because they don’t know how to reach their goals and lack the “tools” they need to get past the barriers the encounter. This is where Todd Fairchild, as a speaker, comes in. Todd is a passionate and inspiring speaker that provides custom tailored presentations for your audience & events that help others move past the beliefs and shortcomings that hinder their ability to succeed at the goals they are pursuing. Your audience, whether it be a corporate event, entrepreneurs, employees, individuals, or students can benefit from the different topics Todd covers in his talks.

Speaking and Workshop Topics


How To Thrive In The Lean Times

Learn how living in a constant state of gratitude,e no matter where you are in life, can lead to living a happy and more stress free life. Understand how learning & living with this new mindset leads to a more abundant and rich life through being able to recognize and take advantage of opportunities that never appeared before due to living with a negative mindset.

Break The Glass Ceiling And Live The Life That You Were Created For

Learn how to move past perceived barriers and the fear that keeps you from living the life you desire. Break through the limits that you have been taught that exist for you. Be it living life on your own terms, finding and doing work that you love as opposed to simply working to live, living a life of fulfillment and meaning, acquiring a wealth mindset, or just learning and believing that there are no limits other than what you create for yourself.


Are you happy and successful in the life you are living? Are you sure? Learn how to unlearn the ingrained beliefs and all of the well-intentioned but incorrect teachings that hold so many back from living the life of their dreams and desires. Learn to question the ideals and beliefs that have held you to a certain standard (and income) in your life. Learn the skill of unlearning what does not support the goal of achieving more in your life and how to rewire your conscious and unconscious thoughts to create a success-driven mindset that leads to the life that you want to live